Connecting RIS3 to the city: a two way bridge


Connecting RIS3 to the city: a two way bridge

First of a series of five thematic workshops that will run since 2016 to 2018 under the umbrella of InFocus, which is a pioneering transnational network led by the city of Bilbao and funded by the URBACT programme. With TASO as principal consultant, InFocus aims to boost the urban/metropolitan agenda on economic development by means of smart specialisation as overarching approach, while at the same time articulating better with RIS3 at regional level.

In this context, the Ostrava meeting (September 21-22, 2016) can be seen as the first serious attempt to think about effective city-to-region articulation in relation to smart specialisation. By bringing together city practitioners, regional and national representatives in charge of RIS3 and experts, the aim of the workshop was gathering ideas, relevant pilots and initiatives in order to pave the way for such an interaction and alignment between both scales the region and the city.

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