Smart specialisation and the city


Smart specialisation and the city

Baseline of the URBACT-InFocus project on Smart Specialisation at City Level. InFocus is an attempt to contribute, from the city perspective, to the smart specialisation concept and the RIS3 method, pursuing a double aim. First, re-invigorating the urban agenda on business-led economic development by means of smart specialization as an overarching approach. Secondly, making a bridge with the existing RIS3 strategies at regional level.


  • Why smart specialization matters today?
  • RIS3: unsolved questions related to the city
  • RIS3: motivation and principles
    A six step process
    RIS3 and the question of scale
    Why the urban scale matters
  • First attempts to fill the gap
  • Smart specialisation as overarching concept to boost the urban agenda

Smart Specialisation and the City


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