Walkshop in Riga on innovative city branding


Walkshop in Riga on innovative city branding

In the context of the 2015 URBACT City Festival in Riga, we organized a “walkshop” by combining in-door sessions and a walking tour. We addressed the opportunity to explore on innovative city branding by learning from most common gaps and taking inspiration from Europe’s best practices, with a special focus on the visual aspects. Then, a walking tour was designed to capture the essence of contemporary Riga by connecting a number of obvious and not so obvious landmarks related to the different city´s sides. A sort of urban safari where participants were encouraged to take their own pictures along the tour, and share them in Instagram through a common hashtag.

The initiative was carried out in collaboration with Riga Tourism (Live Riga), the Investment Promotion Division at Riga City Council and RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design. Even this was the first time those organisations were brought together on the issue of integrated city branding. The walkshop was joined by over 50 practitioners from cities like Milan, Turin, Bologna, Bonn, Lodz, Piraeus, Kalamata, Tartu or Preston, among others.


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