What policy-mix in today´s business-led economic development?

What policy-mix in today´s business-led economic development?

We were invited by the European Association of Development Agencies EURADA to share our view on today´s policy-mix in business-led economic development. It was in June 2016, as part of the launch event of ESSPO “Efficient Support Services Portfolios for SMEs”. Our key message was that what really makes a difference in today´s business led economic development is not Policy Design but Policy Implementation. High-quality delivery frameworks is the key. Consequently, in terms of learning, our recommendation to the project partners is to put the focus on “How to do” rather than “What to do”.

ESSPO is an Interreg Europe project led by Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation in collaboration with Poznan Science and Technology Park that will be running until 2020. Other projects partners are EURADA, North France Innovation Development Agency, ADE Agency of Innovation, Business Financing and Internationalization of Castilla y León and Tartu Science Park, among others. Contact us if you are keen on the complete presentation we made.



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