Go Vilnius | Think Fresh

Go Vilnius | Think Fresh

The capital of Lithuania marked the start of the ROCK advanced seminars on innovative city branding that toured a number of European cities over 2018, including Bologna, Athens, Lisbon, Skopje, Turin and Cluj-Napoca, with TASO as designer of the agenda and main facilitator. It was a one-day programme, at Vilnius Tech Park, organized into different working sessions and fed by a high number of insights taken from both the international arena and the very host city. It included an update about branding and marketing Vilnius, together with a state of the art on innovative city branding. As invited city practitioner, City of Torino´s director of culture Stefano Benedetto talked about “re-branding Turin: from industrial city to design city”. The final session was shaped as an exploration on new perspectives to Vilnius´ cultural heritage, in a way that it can be made the most of it when branding and marketing the city.

Alongside Vilnius City Municipality and TASO, other organizing and supporting entities were Go Vilnius, Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency, ICLEI and Eurocities. This was an initiative of the ROCK project, which was funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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