Our Values

  • We bring together economy and space. That´s our value proposition.
  • We feel close to Bauhaus spirit, blending strong theoretical foundation, fresh ideas and well-designed delivery formats to re-invigorate the economic development field.
  • We work on analysis and planning with an eye on the implementation framework, helping to mobilize stakeholders and resources since the beginning.
  • We are result-oriented. If not, why to invest time and money in something with little impact?
  • We are often hired to facilitate large-scale, multi-partner projects, being familiar with most EU-funded programmes.
  • Though from a different industry, we mirror in platforms like Discipline Global Mobile (King Crimson band´s label) “a small, mobile, independent company that aspires to intelligence”.


We are what we read. So, let us share some readings we particularly appreciate:

Michael Storper at al. The rise and fall of urban economies. Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Stanford University Press. 2015.
An exemplary research on where to look at when explaining local development.

John Friedman. Planning in the public domain. Princeton University Press. 1987.
A classic and antidote against some naïve and superficial planning of today dominated by the ultimate buzzwords.

Ben S. Bernanke. The courage to act. A memoir of a crisis and its aftermath. W.W. Norton & company. 2015.
Not everyone chairs the Federal Reserve, but most public officers have some capacity to make an impact in their ambits and should realise this potential.

Richard Sennet. The craftsman. Yale University Press. 2009.
There was a time when we gifted this book to customers and friends. It´s about how we address our work as consultants.

[we promise to update the list from time to time]