We see ourselves as a boutique type of advisory for ambitious projects. We mean projects aimed at moving the state of the art forward in a range of topics, from industrial policies to integrated urban development. We bring cutting-edge methodologies together with the practitioner´s view.

TASO has worked for more than 150 national and international customers. Across all those assignments we are proud to exhibit a number of distinctive values:

  • Extensive background in our main fields of expertise. TASO senior team has over 20 years in average at the frontline in economic development, from a variety of positions: public officers, top policy decision-makers and as independent consultants.
  • State of the art. We invest substantial time to keep us close to the most recent developments in our expert fields. As a result, we often contribute as speakers to international seminars and conferences.
  • Cross-disciplinary approach. Since every project is unique, we love to build up specific teams for each occasion. To that aim we have our own international network of partners and collaborators in a numbers of thematic areas – creative-digital, branding, urban planning – to be mobilized according to project specifications.
  • Multi-partner projects. TASO has joined many EU-funded frameworks for transnational cooperation: 7º Framework Programme, URBACT, ESPON, European Territorial Cooperation programmes… We used to be involved from the very beginning, delivering the project concept note.
  • Know-how for complex initiatives. Our negotiation skills to bring together public and private spheres have turned TASO into the best option to support singular projects and processes requiring consensus and rapid implementation.