We look to explore the uncertain and shape the future by paving the way to better policies on economic development. That´s our value proposition. We see ourselves as an advisory boutique for ambitious projects, which means result-oriented projects, also aimed to take the state of the art forward.

TASO has worked for more than 150 national and international customers. Across all those assignments we are proud to exhibit a number of distinctive features:

  • Extensive background. TASO senior team has over 20 years in average at the frontline in business-led economic development, from a variety of positions, including top policy decision-making.
  • State of the art. We invest substantial time to keep us close to the most recent developments in our expert fields. As a result, we are frequent speakers, having been involved in more than 70 international seminars and conferences, also as organizers.
  • Cross-disciplinary approach. Since every project is unique, we love to build specific teams to each occasion. We bring cutting-edge methodologies together with the practitioner´s view.
  • Multi-partner projects. TASO is often hired as principal consultant to large-scale international projects, being familiar with most EU-funded programmes on transnational cooperation: URBACT, Horizon 2020, Interreg, ESPON, etc.

Though in a different industry, we mirror ourselves in platforms like Discipline Global Mobile (King Crimson band´s label), “a small, mobile, independent music company that aspires to Intelligence”.