Agrofood cluster-cluster cooperation in the Mediterranean

Agrofood cluster-cluster cooperation in the Mediterranean

AGFORISE was aimed at setting up a cluster-cluster co-operation platform in the agrofood sector by a group of 13 stakeholders from the three leading agrofood regions in Europe: Mersin (Turkey), Emilia Romagna (Italy) and Murcia (Spain). The 36-month project was led by the province of Mersin (Turkey) in the frame of the UE 7º Framework Programme.

TASO´s role in the project was basically to provide cross-partner technical support and methodology concerning how to design intercluster strategies, here called Joint Action Plan. As a result, we were also engaged in the so-called Food Cluster Initiative, promoted by the 7FP to coordinate and create synergies between cluster-oriented projects in the agrofood sector.

AGFORISE–AGgroFOod clusters platform with common long-term Research and Innovation Strategy towards Economic growth and prosperity (ref: FP7-REGIONS-2008-1-230143), Support Action, Specific Programme 4 – Capacities, 7th Framework Programme, EU. 2009-2012.


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