Cabo Verde Technology Park

Cabo Verde Technology Park

The consortium SPI-TASO has been awarded the African Development Bank contract to define the business plan for Cabo Verde Technology Park, which is now in construction in the capital Praia. The Park is called to play a primary role as a catalyst of the Cape Verde Digital Strategy, whose vision is that the archipelago become an IT hub shortly, serving the whole West Africa region, with a focus on backup and cloud services and digital transformation of the public administration.

This vision is anchored to the success of the state agency for the information society, called NOSI (Operational Nucleus for the Information Society), the strategic location at the crossroads of a number of submarine fiber-optic cables in the Atlantic, well stablished democracy and political stability, and a growing reputation as tourist destination. All this is turning the country into a sunbelt type of economy, with real conditions to lead and provide assistance to digital transitions in West Africa.

The business plan will set all elements for the operationalisation and launch phase of the Technology Park, including private sector-led governance structure and the necessary strategic partnerships.


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