CityLogo-innovative city brand management

CityLogo-innovative city brand management

CityLogo-Innovative Place-Brand Management [Utrecht, Zaragoza, Coimbra, Warsaw, Oslo, Genoa, Vilnius, Aarhus, Dundee]. URBACT Programme. 2012-2015.

We were appointed by the city of Utrecht as lead expert for conducting a pioneering large-scale project on integrated city branding, which is now a landmark. CityLogo was conceived as a reaction to the most common gaps in city branding, since the practice is often under the major influence of a too conventional marketing approach.

The project worked at two levels: locally, drawing up specific action planning in each of the participating cities, including some country capitals like Oslo, Warsaw and Vilnius; at network level, a range of transnational activities were developed following a specific advanced learning itinrerary. Such an intensive “learning by interacting” was organized in four main themes: management and new organizational models in city branding; city narratives and politics of city representation; channels & communication tools, with a focus on the impact of the digital shift; and new segmentation strategies around visitors, businesses, talent and local population.

This working agenda was also joined by the Eurocities Working Group on City Attractiveness, including active participation of some group members like Rotterdam, Birmingham, Bologna, Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Ghent.

The role of  lead expert in this project included the following tasks:

  • Provision of a comprehensive model for innovative city brand management.
  • Study visits to all the partner cities and partner profiles on their state-of-play in city branding, as part of a baseline report.
  • Advising partners in the production of local action plans basically aimed at promoting or strengthening a strategy on integrated city branding
  • Scientific organization and live facilitation of a series of four international thematic workshops within the field of integrated city branding, including ad-hoc thematic papers.
  • Organization of two key study visits to Barcelona and Zurich.
  • Organization of a peer-review exercise.
  • Elaboration of a case study on innovative city branding.
  • Final report.
  • Co-organization and facilitation of the project final conference.

Video on the Oslo experience

Video on the Utrecht experience

Videdo on the Aarhus experience

Convencidos de que la dimensión comunicación cada vez juega un papel más central en las estrategias de desarrollo económico de base territorial, hemos desarrollado un modelo propio sobre gestión innovadora de Marca-Ciudad, como reacción a las prácticas banales y superficiales en este campo. No se trata sino de un método para construir y comunicar identidades urbanas competitivas.

Este método sirve de guía a un proyecto de amplio alcance que durante 36 meses trata de mejorar las prácticas de placebranding y marketing territorial en 10 ciudades europeas: Utrecht, Zaragoza, Coimbra, Varsovia, Oslo, Genova, Vilnius, Aarhus y Dundee. A nivel de red se organizaron 4 workshops internacionales y sendas visitas de estudio a Zurich y Barcelona. Un itinerario de aprendizaje que también fue compartido por el Grupo de Trabajo de Eurocities sobre Atractividad.


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