Nicaragua nation-branding

Nicaragua nation-branding

Nicaragua Nation-branding Strategy. EuropeAid/134393/D/SER/NI. Ministry of Industry and Trade of Nicaragua. Key expert appointed by McCann Erickson. 2014-2015

We were appointed as key expert as part of the cross-disciplinary team built by the global brand firm McCann Erickson (prime contractor). Initially, our mission consisted in the definition of the governance model as well as capacity building to all the stakeholders involved. The initial work plan included the following tasks:

  • International benchmarking about organizational models in place branding.
  • Stakeholder analysis and audit focused on roles and expectations.
  • Draft proposal on governing system, including multi-level organisation and articulation with sector-oriented marketing initiatives.
  • Support to the contracting authority in the negotiation with involved stakeholders.
  • Final proposal on governing system, including: kind of platform, roles of the different entities, leadership, decision-making, workflows and monitoring.
  • Training sessions on meaning and scope of place branding.


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