Co-branding the Atlantic arc

Co-branding the Atlantic arc

Methodologically speaking, there was no sound references on transnational place co-branding at the time. Thus, the report “Assessment of the Potential and Options for the Co-branding of Cities and Regions of the Atlantic Arc”, which was delivered by TASO-HEAVENLY in the frame of the AT.Brand project, was unique in its kind. Main added values of this report were the following:

  • Meaning of co-branding
  • Benchmarking analysis on transnational place co-branding at the EU level
  • Model to determine the feasibility of transnational place co-branding
  • Questionnaire-based consultation process
  • Unveiling a “big narrative” and related core values for the Atlantic Arc
  • Identification and in-depth assessment of three strategic options for co-branding in the Atlantic Area: place brand approach, events-based approach and cause-based approach.

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