European Creative Industries Alliance

European Creative Industries Alliance

Through a competitive call, we were appointed by the European Commission as expert panel member for the Policy Learning Platform of the European Creative Industries Alliance. ECIA has been a consortium driven by Amsterdam Economic Board as coordinator, the Province of Milan, the Berlin Senate, the Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies, the City of Tampere and Nantes Métropole/SAMOA. Its work was carried out from January 2012 to the end of 2014, and was organized into four main themes: access to finance, cluster excellence, creative spillovers and innovation vouchers.

The “Alliance” model was a new concept delivered by the European Commission to ensure stakeholder involvement in co-producing relevant cluster-based industrial policies. It is also about learning by doing. That is, promoting large-scale demonstrators looking for new ways of funding, promoting innovation… emphasizing the “how to do” rather than the “what to do”.

ECIA _report_Create-Innovate-Grow

A través de un call competitivo, TASO fue invitado a participar en calidad de experto en la Policy Learning Platform de la Alianza Europea de Industrias Creativas. La ECIA fue un consorcio financiado por la UE, liderado por Amsterdam Economic Board y participado por Milán, Berlín, Nantes, Tampere y el Instituto Catalán de Industrias Culturales y Creativas. El panel de expertos, junto a estas ciudades, y desde una posición de supervisión, estuvo trabajando durante 2 años en cuatro temas: acceso a la financiación de las industrias creativas, clusters, internacionalización y creative spillovers. Sus recomendaciones finales se recogen en el informe “Create, Innovate, Grow”.


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