Smart specialisation and the heritage city

Smart specialisation and the heritage city

Together with Eurocities, TASO has designed the EWRC workshop Smart Specialisation and the Heritage City, with the aim to best frame Cultural Heritage (CH) within the Smart Specialisation strategies (S3) now running all over Europe, and examining the role of cities in it. Gardening this framework will lead to new S3-related funding for innovative projects related to modern heritage management.

The agenda included introductory statement by the European Commission (Framing CH at the innovation policy), keynote by TASO (Talking to cities about S3) and the case study Bologna and Emilia Romagna´s S3 joint approach to CH that will be jointly presented by ART-ER and Comune di Bologna. At some point, participants were involved in a discussion with the aim to agree on two questions: i) main technology-driven challenges related to CH – which links to the S3 idea of prioritisation; ii) and cross-innovation vectors involving CH – linked to the S3 concept of relatedness. This highly interactive part was facilitated by Professor Christer Gustafsson from the University of Uppsala.

The workshop was part of the thematic cluster Smarter Europe of the European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, 7-10 October 2019.


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