Kairós – Heritage as urban regeneration

Kairós – Heritage as urban regeneration

TASO has been hired as lead expert for the URBACT project KAIRÓS, about Cultural Heritage as a driver for Urban Development and Regeneration. In ancient Greek, Kairós means the propitious moment. The ambition is to test an innovative policy framework comprised of five key dimensions:

  • GOVERNANCE – Participatory approaches for the heritage mid-sized city.
  • SPACE – Preservation, valorisation and adaptive reuse in the heritage city.
  • ECONOMY – Cultural heritage as a driver for innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • ATTRACTIVENESS – Re-imagining the heritage city: from local identity to destination management.
  • SOCIAL COHESION – Accessibility and inclusiveness at historic downtowns.

Such an integrated policy-mix will provide content for a transnational learning itinerary and direction for local action planning in the participating cities, according to their different specific needs. Those cities are Mula in Spain (lead partner), Heraklion (Greece), Cesena (Italy), Sibénik (Croatia), Ukmergé (Lithuania), Malbork (Poland), Roskilde (Denmark) and Belene (Bulgaria). They will work together for a period of 30 months, between 2019 and 2022, in 2 phases – 6-month preparatory phase and implementation over 24 months. Each city works locally on an integrated action plan, with the active involvement of a group of local stakeholders, while sharing a cross-learning itinerary at international level. That´s the URBACT method.

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