ROCK-Cultural heritage leading urban futures

ROCK-Cultural heritage leading urban futures

ROCK-Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action (SC5-21 Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Sustainable Growth) running from 2017 to 2020.

TASO plays a significant role in a 10.6 million project with the ambition to take forward the state of the art on cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth. Along 36 months, ROCK focuses on historic city centres as extraordinary laboratories to demonstrate how cultural heritage can be a powerful engine for regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth for the city. It is based on a Role Model/Replicator approach. “Role models” are cities which have successfully pursued a heritage-led urban regeneration, while the “replicators” are cities that will be mentored by the “role models” on their current strategies in this field. The final goal is to refine a European pattern on heritage-led urban development and regeneration.

ROCK brings together a unique consortium including 10 cities (Bologna as project leader, Lisbon, Skopje, Lyon, Turin, Liverpool, Athens, Vilnius, Cluj-Napoca and Eindhoven), 2 city networks (Eurocities and ICLEI), 7 Universities, as well as a number of business associations, technological firms and think tanks and consulting firms. In this framework, TASO takes the lead on three different tasks. The first one is a systematic exploration on how to make the most of cultural heritage when branding and marketing the contemporary city, which was an oportunity to run our advanced seminar on innovative city branding. Second issue is about best framing cultural heritage within the smart specialisation strategies (S3) that are running all over Europe, and examining the role of cities in it.

A third task is about trying a regulatory framework, as an assemblage of key policy recommendations, facilitating regulatory issues, with a special reference to public procurement, and catalysts aimed to empower cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable and smart growth.

ROCK es una Acción Innovadora dentro de Horizonte 2020 centrada en los centros históricos como laboratorios de gran interés para demostrar cómo la cultura y el patrimonio pueden ser un motor de regeneración y de desarrollo económico para toda la ciudad. Se basa en el método role model/replicator, donde los “modelos” son ciudades que han desarrollado experiencias de éxito con capacidad de ser transferidas. TASO es uno de los 3 equipos consultores integrados en un partenariado amplio compuesto por 10 ciudades (Bologna, Athens, Cluj-Napoca, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lyon, Skopje y Torino), 7 Universidades y redes de ciudades como Eurocities e ICLEI.


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