Creative clusters in low density urban areas

Creative clusters in low density urban areas

7 partner cities [Óbidos, Reggio Emilia, Viareggio, Barnsley, Mizil, Hódmezővásárhely and Jyväskylä], plus the think-tank INTELI  worked together to put in practice a shared vision: the creative driver in local development is also functional outside major cities and metropolitan areas. We called this exploratory pathway “from the creative industries to the creative place”. Our final report summarizes three years of intensive learning-by-interacting that was co-funded by the URBACT Programme. It resulted in a baseline study, two major conferences, four thematic workshops, two key study visits and the production of a Local Action Plan in each of the participating cities. Thematically, the project was structured into five working areas:

  • Creative industries within a new cluster-based reading of the local economy
  • Attracting and retaining creative professionals and entrepreneurs
  • The space of the creative class
  • Events and cultural agenda as catalysts
  • Incubation of future talent: creative educational environments at local level.

Proyecto transnacional financiado por el programa URBACT y participado por Óbidos, INTELI, Reggio Emilia, Viareggio, Barnsley, Mizil, Hódmezővásárhely y Jyväskylä, donde ejercimos de Lead Expert. Temáticamente, el proyecto se estructuró en 5 áreas de trabajo: un enfoque cluster para las industrias creativas, talento creativo y emprendedor, el espacio de la clase creativa, agenda cultural y eventos como catalizadores; políticas educativas favorecedoras del talento creativo.


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