Assisting Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia on urban policies


Assisting Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia on urban policies

Training sessions on EU Regional Policy for Neighbourhood Countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Morocco, Tunisia). Pool of experts within a DG Regio contract (ref. 2011CE160AT045) run by Meta Group-Eurada. 2012-2013.

In partnership with META Group, TASO took part in a DG Regio contract aimed at sharing the EU background on regional policy with a number of countries from the so-called Eastern Partnership, such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. It was framed within the EU dialogues on regional policy with China, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. The contract was extended to Morocco and Tunisia as well.  The missions took the form of one-week in-country information sessions with a selected group of policy officers and decision-makers, followed by study visits in the EU.

In particular, TASO was in charge of the urban policies, tackling the following components:

  • The EU approach to urban policy
  • Hot topics on urban development at EU level
  • A case study on integrated urban development: from creative industries to the creative place
  • EU programmes targeting specifically cities, ranging from URBACT to JESSICA
  • The urban dimension of the EU cohesion policy 2007-2014
  • The city in the new EU cohesion policy 2014-2020
  • Interactive exercise on stakeholder analysis


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